Next month I will be taking a trip with several other 8th graders to Washington D.C. and New York City. We will be leaving the 15th of May, and coming back the 19th. Our chaperons will be Mr. Ham and a few parents. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us 8th graders; we may never have an opportunity to do all the things we're doing ever again. It's going to be a very eventful, educational, and fun trip.
       The itinerary we've been given is so packed, I know all of us are going to be super exhausted by the end of each day. Although the educational stuff will be great, I'm definitely most excited for seeing a show on Broadway in New York City! As of this moment we're seeing "Spider-Man," but if tickets aren't available we'll be seeing "The Lion King." We will also be visiting many different memorials and museums. Below is a short quiz to test your knowledge of Washington D.C.; make sure to take it whether you're going to be going on the trip too, or just for fun.

04/11/2013 9:01pm

I am also really excited for the trip! I can't wait to see a show on Broadway and walk the streets of famous people. Also I am really looking forward to New York, it's a place I've always wanted to go and am really looking forward to. I'm just sad the Statue of Liberty will be closed.


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