Every human being should have five senses: sight, hearing,  taste, touch, and smell. Unfortunately, some people are born deaf or blind, and don't get to experience those senses. In some cases, people become blind, deaf, or possibly loose sense of touch in some way, through a traumatic experience. I feel bad for those people; I can't imagine loosing one of the senses after having them for so long.
       If I had to give up a sense, it would be the sense to smell. I couldn't give up sight; what is life if you can't see it? I could never give up hearing, I love music way too much. I couldn't give up taste, because I love food so much. I couldn't give up touch; life needs to be touched. I would give up smell, because I already have allergies and I can't smell half the time anyways. Also, I feel like there wouldn't be much to miss, except the smell of food and flowers, which if I had too, I could survive without.


05/21/2013 1:05pm

I would give up smell as well! I understand all of your reasons for not giving up the other four, and i totally agree.

05/21/2013 7:48pm

I would give up smell it sounds like a good idea!


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