Recently in class we've been splitting into groups and creating podcasts. All of us are learning along the way the do's and dont's of podcasting. Something I've learned is how important it is to do all of your research, even background information. You'll need this to support your claims. Another 'do' is to create a script, you don't want run out of things to say. However, you do want the podcast to be similar to just a natural conversation, not entirely scripted.
      Something you never want to do is make a podcast thinking you can wing the whole thing. People are tuning in to learn things, not to hear you ramble about random things. Make sure you focus on getting through the key points,  while also taking time to discuss them. Below is a link to a webpage that will help you along your podcast journey; good luck!


03/19/2013 4:33pm

I agree with you. Podcasting requires alot more collaboration than I expected. It is true that people need to gather information from a podcast, not listen to you talk and talk.

03/21/2013 12:51pm

I have to agree with you too. It does require lots of collaboration and working with people. Also writing a script is very hard work.


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