Online Safety is making the right decisions when being online. This is important because if you make the wrong choices, you can end up in danger. Most parents are worried about their children with all the social networking sites online. Lots of kids don't understand the consequences of giving out personal information. They also don't understand what is and isn't appropriate information to share with different people. Parents and teachers can check out to learn how to talk to their kids and students about online safety, and learn about the different thing the kids are doing.
          There are also a few tips I've found that will keep any kid smart and safe. The first tip, is to not meet up with anyone you've met online. If you must, meet up somewhere public, and bring along some friends or adults. Secondly, think about the person's motives; some people may just be being friendly, and others may be trying to manipulate you. Lastly, be careful with your cell phone, don't give your number out to everyone, or put it somewhere where anyone could find it. Also, make sure any apps you have that can pinpoint your location are trustworthy. Check out the game below to test your knowledge of online safety!


05/08/2013 7:07pm

This blog post was great. It gives lots of information and the game makes you want to do it.

05/09/2013 12:31pm

This blog was very entertaining and educational. I didn't know many of those things before. The game was entertaining and really cool. I really liked your blog post and your statements are true.


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