I do think that parents put pressure on their children by wanting them to have better lives than they had. To some degree it's okay because they're just trying to protect their kids. However, they also need to let them go out and make their own mistakes. Some kids can't take it and rebel against their parents. Others take the advice and make sure to make the choices their parents would want.
      On the TV, and in movies, you see all kinds of different situations. I think in some cases they can even influence kids today, for better, or for worse. I also think that in the case of a rebel child, the parents should back off a little. Everyone has a limit when it comes to pressure.

03/07/2013 7:35pm

I totally agree with you Claire on parents pressuring their children. When it comes to the limit, parent should just back off a little. Kids just need to find out what their mistake can teach them.

03/19/2013 9:53pm

I also completely agree with you Claire. I think parents just want their kids to succed so much sometimes they over look how their kids are feeling and that they need to back off. I know my parents are always pressureing me to do things I don't want to but they think will be good for me, so all I can do is agree with you.


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