Every human being should have five senses: sight, hearing,  taste, touch, and smell. Unfortunately, some people are born deaf or blind, and don't get to experience those senses. In some cases, people become blind, deaf, or possibly loose sense of touch in some way, through a traumatic experience. I feel bad for those people; I can't imagine loosing one of the senses after having them for so long.
       If I had to give up a sense, it would be the sense to smell. I couldn't give up sight; what is life if you can't see it? I could never give up hearing, I love music way too much. I couldn't give up taste, because I love food so much. I couldn't give up touch; life needs to be touched. I would give up smell, because I already have allergies and I can't smell half the time anyways. Also, I feel like there wouldn't be much to miss, except the smell of food and flowers, which if I had too, I could survive without.

   Schools always say how they have nutrition guidelines, and that they proudly follow them. The food at the snack bar are all "healthy," and the lunch served is healthy too. Well that's all fine and good, but there's still a problem. There are kids who go eat lunch and then go to the snack bar every day. Even though they're eating healthier choices, their calorie intake is too much.
   There isn't really much to do about this, except to inform the students about calorie intake. If they know that they shouldn't be going to the snack bar every day, then hopefully they won't. Also, there should be a limit on how much one person can buy. Three cookies and five bags of chips are very unhealthy. It doesn't matter what they're made of, it's just too much food.
    Check out a quick presentation on MyPlate below! It will give you some good tips for healthy eating in the future.
         Online Safety is making the right decisions when being online. This is important because if you make the wrong choices, you can end up in danger. Most parents are worried about their children with all the social networking sites online. Lots of kids don't understand the consequences of giving out personal information. They also don't understand what is and isn't appropriate information to share with different people. Parents and teachers can check out safekids.com to learn how to talk to their kids and students about online safety, and learn about the different thing the kids are doing.
          There are also a few tips I've found that will keep any kid smart and safe. The first tip, is to not meet up with anyone you've met online. If you must, meet up somewhere public, and bring along some friends or adults. Secondly, think about the person's motives; some people may just be being friendly, and others may be trying to manipulate you. Lastly, be careful with your cell phone, don't give your number out to everyone, or put it somewhere where anyone could find it. Also, make sure any apps you have that can pinpoint your location are trustworthy. Check out the game below to test your knowledge of online safety!