Imagine a world where there are no rules; you could do anything to anyone...but would you? Rules and laws are in place for a reason, and usually people believe in that reason. Just because it wouldn't be illegal to hurt someone, would you still do it? I hope not; I do see kids at schools getting into fights and disrespecting teachers, however. The biggest problem I see happening is that criminals that should be imprisoned, will run loose, and that would be very scary. Besides that I hope that most people will do what is right, just because they have good morals. 
    Since the first day of school when Mrs. Fields first told us about iSTE I completely believed that it would happen. She spoke about it so confidently and passionately there was no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't. Then in December when I found out we are officially going, I wasn't surprised, but definitely excited. There will be tons of fundraising going on this year, and I'm prepared to help in any way possible. I really hope I can attend the conference; it's such an amazing opportunity. The experience alone would be something I'd remember for a lifetime.